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Orangutan at play

kuala Lumpur: Zoo Negara

Zoos are very controversial: does conservation really work? Does it work as an education tool? Or are the animals just suffering for human entertainment?…

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Looking down into the village

An Escape from the Smog

Smog, smog, smog. Living in Tianjin sometimes when you open curtains in the morning you are meet with this view:  Smog everywhere! It becomes…

What can you do in 24 hours with £24?

Don't let a budget get in the way of exploring
Langkawi beaches

24 hours, £24: Langkawi

Exchange Rate: £1=RM6.5 as of October 2015 Langkawi: open all year round, a duty free island means there is cheap alcohol, great local and…

24 hours, £24: Gibraltar

24 hours, £24: Gibraltar

There are two versions of this one including a trip up the rock to see the Gibraltar Apes but as a result excluding accommodation…