Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!

Petronas Towers

A little summary of the past year and a little excitement for the upcoming year! 

Facts and Figures 2016:

Countries Explored: 

UK, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Bhutan, Australia, Cambodia, Singapore, Germany

(*new countries for me)

 Number of Beds:

57 including camping, homestays and even an island with no electricity

Number of Flights:

35- far too many and some trees need planting to offset this



  • Finally getting to visit Bhutan and just… wow… wow….wow. Bhutan is so different to anywhere I have currently been- few tourists, no litter, recycling and respect for nature. There is so much to learn from this small country.

Bhutan View

  • Australia exceeded all expectations. Perth is only 5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur and with some crazy flight prices from Air Asia it seemed like a sign that I should visit (and with a little push from reading Bill Bryson’s Australia). I was ambivalent about this trip but Western Australia left me struggling to find words to describe it. It is such an unusual place with so much to see yet so little there. Until you visit you can’t understand the remoteness and I can see why people fall in love and move there permanently.
  • Getting my PADI qualification. It has only taken me 4 years to build my courage up to this which was such a waste. Got to work out where I can dive next….

Kapas swing on the beach

  • My parents visiting me in Malaysia. I spent two weeks backpacking round Malaysia with my parents- yes backpacking! This is something they have never done before but they absolutely loved as Malaysia is such an easy place to travel in. We also hopped over into Singapore and had breakfast with the Orangutans at Singapore Zoo and I would recommend this to anyone. There were plenty of groups there without children and to be honest the adults were enjoying it more. It was amazing to watch them close up and how much humans mirror the Orangutan eating habbits!

  Cameron Highlands tea plantation



  • The end of the year has been tough with family circumstances meaning I haven’t had the time to work on the blog and have also had to put travel and much of my life on hold. Hopefully, this will change in 2017. But this experience has taught me a lot.
  • I never expected the hotel to set on fire in Bulgaria and apparently I react too calmly in the face of danger. It was certainly an experience I don’t want to repeat again and will be checking for fire exits where ever I stay from now on

Th Royal Hunting Lodge

  • It always seems to go wrong for me in Thailand and on a weekend break in Chiang Mai I got cut by a stray cat (forcing a trip to a hospital to get the wound cleaned) and food poisoning making the flight home interesting. Why does it always happen in Thailand?

What is coming up in 2017?

I started off the year back in Asia visiting Myanmar and I can’t believe how much it has changed since I last went in 2013 ( look out for upcoming blog posts) however this trip has reminded me why I have always considered Myanmar one of my favourite countries.

Over the next few months I will be trying to make the most of being in Europe with trips to Sweden, Belgium and Latvia already planned. Before heading out to Africa this summer to spend 2 months overlanding through a variety of eastern and southern African countries. Then after that…. Who knows??

As always my dream wish list keeps getting longer and I would love to explore Uzbekistan, Western China, Georgia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mongolia –  the list is never ending

Blogging goals for 2017:

Things have been a bit slow on the blog for the last few weeks due to events outside my control so I thought to spice things up and make my presence known again I would start 2017 by writing a blog post for every week day in March ( this is the first one!). I have so many ideas for posts on travels, life living abroad and lots of random on things less travel related even such as books I have read and working out life when in your 20s.

Vlogging is something I am also looking at getting into more this year and getting over a desire to perfect everything- there is always going to be something wrong with the website!

Travel Goals

  • Last year I took far too many flights but being based in full-time work I was left with no choice but to make the most of long-weekends in Asia. After, seeing Bhutan and how responsible it is about the environment I want to try and make my travels more environmentally friendly this year. So I am going to be looking and researching into different ways I can do this.
  • Explore more of the UK

Living abroad has made me appreciate the wonders that are only a few hours drive away from me and are calling out to me to explore them.

Redang Sunrise

Do you have any suggestions for South Africa? Any posts you would like to see in 2017?

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