24 hours, £24: Gibraltar ( the strict version)

The end of Gibraltar
The end of Gibraltar

24 hours, £24: Gibraltar

There are two versions of this one including a trip up the rock to see the Gibraltar Apes but as a result excluding accommodation or the other which keeps to the strict rules of 24 hours and includes the accommodation!

*** This is the strict version ***


Cost: £4

Cross over the border to La Linea where there is a stretch of cafes on the other side of the road. Have some Churros and a coffee to get your ready for the day ahead at Churros (one of the first cafes after the Spanish/Gibraltar border).

Head back over to Gibraltar and enjoy walking across the runway. One of the few in the world where you can walk across! If you want to see the road close and a plane arrive or depart than pop into the airport and check out the arrivals/departures board for a guide to timings. Also, enjoy a view of the rock the most famous landmark in Gibraltar.



Stop off at the tourist office in Casemates square to pick up a free map of Gibraltar (no need to buy one for £1 from the machines around located around Gibraltar).


The most famous tourist attraction of Gibraltar are the Barbary macaques living on the rock. Legend says that Gibraltar will only remain British while the monkeys live on the rock! If you want to see these monkeys your best bet is to hang around between the airport and Casemates square as often the monkeys come down into the town. Sadly, you will not be able to go up the rock to see the monkeys as the tickets are outside your budget.

The Monkeys are in Town
The Monkeys are just hanging in town

For the rest of the day:

Free attractions and sights in Gibraltar are limited but why not have a walk down main street where you can window shop in the many British stores and post a postcard in one of the British postboxes.

Afterwards walk down along Engineer Road to the Botanic garden where you can sit to recover or wander inside this green haven.

There is a small museum in Gibraltar which is £2 which has the remains of a 14th Century Moorish bath house and explains the history of the Rock and its people.

If you are still feeling active and it is not too late you could walk over to the South through some of the 26 miles of tunnels dug during WW2 to see the Trinity Lighthouse ( which dates back to 1841, stands 49 metres above sea level and has a range of 37km). On the way you will pass the only waterfall in Gibraltar which is sadly manmade from the only quarry.

The end of Gibraltar
The end of Gibraltar


Grab a snack in one of the of the money connivance stores around


 Cost: approximate £6

Finally end your day in casemates square formerly the site of public executions but now a hub for social events. Why not try some British style fish and chips?


There is only one hostel in Gibraltar and therefore can charge a premium during high season. An alternative is staying on the other side of the border in La Linea de la Concepcion where there is more choices and cheaper prices. It is only a short walk across a runway to get into Gibraltar!

Cost: £12 (for La Linea)


Total= £24


Lunch: £2

Dinner: £6

Accommodation: £12

*All prices were based on June 2015

This dosen’t leave an awful lot of money for lunch but these articles are meant to show you the relative costs of different locations and this shows that Gibraltar is a place with limited options if you are on a budget.



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