9 Unusual Things to do in KL

9 Unusual things in KL

Do you want to do some unusual things to do in KL?

Kuala Lumpur to-do list:

Petronas Towers- check , Bird Park-check , Chinatown-check

If you have a few days in the capital or want something that is slightly more unusual then check out the list below of 9 unusual things to do in KL:

  1. Kampung Bahru


For a slice of life of traditional Malaysian life and a glimpse into how Kuala Lumpur was in the past then head over and wander around the unusual and unique district of Kampung Bahru. Here you can taste traditional Malay food, see traditional architecture and sit back and watch life pass you by. The best time to visit is early evening when the night markets set up and everyone gathers to relax and catch up after work. For more information read: http://www.thetaylormadetravels.com/kampung-bharu/

  1. Afternoon Tea at the Colonial Hotel

Take an afternoon to escape from the humidity and step back in time in this art deco hotel. Here you can relax and have an afternoon tea surrounded by a room full of orchids or enjoy the piano playing softly in the background of the bar.  To book use this website: http://www.majestickl.com/

  1. Lunch at the KL Tower

KL Tower

If you want the unusual birds eye view of Kuala Lumpur including the Petronas Towers then head up the KL Tower instead. You could go up to the observation deck for RM52 but for RM97 you can have lunch in the revolving restaurant ( even higher than the observation deck) where you spin 360 degrees during the lunch allowing you to observe the whole city from above ( and in addition you get free entry to explore the observation deck).  The buffet is a great way to try local highlights and dishes from neighbouring Asian countries. To reserve go here: http://www.atmosphere360.com.my/

  1. Connect with nature within the city

Petronas Towers

Despite being full of skyscrapers there is plenty of green spaces within the city. If you want to visit the oldest nature reserve in Malaysia then before heading up to have lunch at the KL Tower (point 3) then hike some of the trails around the base of the tower in the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. For more tips on trails head to https://www.rainforestjournal.com/a-walk-through-the-bukit-nanas-forest-reserve/

While behind the Petronas Towers is the KLCC Park where there is a running track, paddling pool and great views of the Petronas Towers and KL life. Or a bit further afield is Lake Titiwangsa where you can canoe across the lake to glimpse the great views over the KL skyline.

  1. Ride a roller-coaster in a mall

There are not many malls in the world that have roller coasters in them but this is where Times Sqaure Mall stands out. You can while a way an afternoon here getting your adrenaline rush and if you need more entertainment then head to the escape room, cinema and laser quest which due to the great exchange rate are a lot cheaper than in other countries.

  1. Take a cooking lesson

Cooking Lesson KL

It has become almost obligatory to get a Vietnamese or Thai cooking lesson but learn something unusual and take a cooking lesson in Kuala Lumpur. Here you can learn Malay, Nyonya ( Malaysian Chinese style) or Indian food and best of all you get to eat everything at the end! Head back at the end of your holiday and impress your friends with your new found cooking skills.

  1. Have a drink on a helipad

Helipad KL

It is not everyday you can watch sunset with a drink in one hand while on a helipad. Head over to the unusual Helipad bar around 6.30pm to make sure you have a prime spot to see the sunset over Kuala Lumpur and see the city lights come on ready to dazzle you at night.

  1. Visit the School of Hard Knocks

Don’t worry this isn’t a painful educational experience but is the chance to get crafty and make your own pewter dish. Since the boom in tin mining in Malaysia in the 1800s Pewter has been crafted in Kuala Lumpur. If you want a unique and unusual souvenir from Kuala Lumpur then head to the shop at the visitor centre or inside the Pavillion shopping mall and if you want to take home something even more unusual then sign up to one of the 30 minute Pewter bowl crafting and engraving class. To book a class sign up here: http://uk.royalselangor.com/a-hands-on-pewtersmithing-experience

  1. Paint some Batik

Unleash your creative side and have a go at the traditional painting style of Batik. Although traditionally Indonesian Batik style has been adopted and become part of the Malaysian culture. Using wax and dyes beautiful patterns can be created and the fabric can be seen throughout a traditional Malay house. There are several places you can have ago across Kuala Lumpur including the central market and http://mybatik.org.my/mybatik-workshop-rate-2017/clp-bw-07-batik-green-bag/

9 Unusual things to do in KL

Have you any more suggestions of unusual things to do in KL? 

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