Some Bhutan photos to inspire Wanderlust


Far, far away in the middle of lots of mountains there is a beautiful country called Bhutan

Monastery Mountain

Bhutan View

Here there are magical monasteries clinging to the side of cliffs

Tigers Nest

View of Tigers Nest

Until very recently there was no TV and the main entertainment was archery


Despite now having TV archery is still a huge pastime

Watching Archery

Archery spectators

Tradition sits side by side with the modern world

Modern and tradition

Traditional Bhutan

There are no traffic lights in the country-they only have one place where you could have a traffic light but instead they use traffic police

Traffic light in Bhutan

In Bhutan they measure the country’s progress through happiness not money

Happy Bhutan

Shy Child in Bhutan

While Bhutan is the only carbon neutral country in the world

Green Bhutan

But they do seem to have a slight obsession

Bhutan Obsession

Bhutan obsession 2

Bhutan Obsession 3

Finally, the national animal is adorable. Would you kiss it?


Have these Bhutan photos encouraged you to visit?

Bhutan sits between Tibet and Indian in the Himalayan range. Due to their unique thinking they limit the number of tourists who can visit to ensure the country and set a visa fee to ensure Bhutan sticks to its principles of remaining carbon neutral while the visa fee also includes a donation to projects to improve the life quality of the Bhutanese people. Consequently, many people think Bhutan is too expensive to visit but the cost of a trip may surprise you.

Bhutan is the only country that measure its progress based on the happiness of the people so it known as the happiest country in the world.

During my trip there I fell in love with the unique character of the country and its enduring characteristics and you can see some of the highlights in my article 9 reasons I loved Bhutan. Bhutan was a magical adventure and I hope these pictures have inspired you! If you want any tips tweet, email, facebook me with your questions.

Bhutan Photos

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