The coldest hotel in the world

Ice Hotel Abisko

Inside the Ice hotel the ambient temperature is minus 5 and yes it does feel warm after coming from the outside!

  sqaured ice room

This year the ice hotel opened a permanent ice hotel which it is hoped (it hasn’t seen a summer to test this theory yet) it will last all year round.

  ice paws

What an amazing name for the bar!

Ice Bar

1 million ice glasses are made a year. You have to drink your drink quickly otherwise the glass will melt away and what a waste of a drink…

Ice glass

The Ice Bar is too much for some people though

too much at the ice bar

You can get married here or have a baptism of fire (or should I say cold..)

ice church

Snice is one of the materials used to construct the hotel. Snice I hear you say. Yes snice= snow+ice. It is higher density than snow so is stronger for building purposes.


Ice is extracted from this river and then at the end of the year the melted hotel will run back into the rover. Very environmentally friendly.


Every room is designed by a different artist

Ice room design

This one was my favourite room design

Ice Sculpture


Or maybe this one

favourite ice room

Ice room favourite maybe

Even the beds are made of ice

Ice beds

Ice pillows

There is a long, cold walk to the bathroom at night

  Ice corridor

The chandeliers won’t fall on your head, they will just drip

  Ice chandeliers

By April this will have all gone…

  Ice Hotel Abisko

And by December a new ice hotel will have formed!

Ice room design

How to visit the Ice Hotel?

Day trips can be organised from Abisko or Kiruna. The drive from Abisko is very beautiful.

How long does it take to visit?

The tours range from 30mins-45 mins and you can explore the hotel again at your own pleasure. Most people spend between 2-3 hours here. You can also have a drink in the worlds first ice bar.

Can I organise it myself?

From 10am-6pm the Ice Hotel is open to day visitors and tickets can be brought on the website. Tours are at 12 and 4pm. Some rooms in the permanent Ice Hotel stop being open to the public once people have checked in so the earlier you visit the more rooms you will be able to see. You would need to get to Kiruna ( bus or train) and then take a taxi to the Ice Hotel ensuring you book the taxi for a return trip.

What to wear?

Wear the same clothes you are wearing to explore the rest of Swedish Lapland. Look at this post for packing inspiration!

Would you like to go to the Ice hotel? Have you been? What did you think?

Ice Hotel

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